OEM Reman contributes to the development of a circular economy by keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible through remanufacturing, reducing waste and minimizing the use of materials to produce new parts. To learn more watch our video

Expanding our Reuse

OEM Reman is constantly working to expand our piece-part reuse criteria and increase salvage opportunities. By leveraging our technical knowledge and working closely with Caterpillar®, we look for ways to extend the life of our parts and reduce the amount of new material required in our component rebuilds.

Focus on component reliability

OEM Reman reviews component failure data continuously, and we work with Finning, Caterpillar®, and our customers to continuously improve our products and processes to increase the reliability and performance of our components. By having greater reliability, the life of a component can be extended as the component does not need to be replaced as often. In addition, we can typically reuse more piece parts from a non-failed component during our rebuild process, resulting in less material that needs to be recycled.

Growing our offering

As we offer more Tier 4 products to our customers to help reduce their emissions, OEM is offering more Tier 4 engine rebuilds, which has grown incrementally each year. We have also worked to increase our exchange offerings in industries beyond mining, such as construction, by adding components from additional product lines that can be rebuilt through our exchange cycle, increasing our reach, and contributing to a more circular economy. These included remanufacturing of components for gas compression engines, well servicing engines, and pumps as well as construction and electrical components. Our Exchange business outside of resource industries has more than doubled in the last few years.